Hello there, long time no see.

Although it’s technically still summer, those autumn vibes have started to creep in and it’s a reminder for me of how long it’s been since posting content on here – just over a month to be precise, but because I’ve not done so regularly it’s felt even lonnnnger.

I thought I’d do just a quick hello update kinda post for now, as I have some beauty content lined up for the next few weeks and wanted to sprinkle in a bit of fashion/life updates in-between my musings of new skincare and the like.

Firstly, I’ve had an amazing summer in Brighton – work has been great, the weather even more so, and I’ve been doing my best to explore some more of the town on the weekends, but am ultimately glued to the beach because why the heck not when it’s right on your doorstep?!

I’ve discovered some new foodie places (mainly ice-cream), went on a date (again, mainly involved ice-cream), and drank a lot of iced chai lattes, and also tried not to get sunburnt but have failed that as recently as yesterday – I’m sporting a very sexy red V on my chest thanks to my dress, and my lack of suncream in the house which led to my demise/redness, so am currently bathing in aftersun.

The last few months has also been one of addressing health issues, which thankfully have been diagnosed and I now know what I’m dealing with. I don’t want to go into too much detail, but in a weird way having someone to discuss your bodily concerns with and be given advice and explanation behind it all, it does make you feel a lot calmer and able to move forward.

Outside the diagnosis, a lot has been left up to me to sort out so I’m just winging it atm, but I’m happy I made myself go to a doctor and stopped Googling symptoms 24/7. Not the one!

On a more light-hearted note, I’ve had a few new additions in my wardrobe – my old Matt and Nat Hope Bag broke earlier this year (aka, a man at the i360 broke it when checking at security and simply replied ‘oops’ – thanks mate) and luckily it was under warranty so I got two new bags – a blue Rubicon bag which is no longer available as it was on sale (similar here), and also the Black Vixen crossbody pictured here. Despite not wearing black often, sometimes a classic black bag is a must so I went for the smallest yet still practical sized bag and it’s great for chucking in a few essentials like your phone, purse, and a lippy.

I also got kindly sent some new pieces from the Sugarhill Brighton AW collection, which have really helped update my wardrobe for that transitional period into autumn and beyond. Most of the items are organic cotton, including this Weekend Tee* I’m sporting – again, wearing black, who’d have thought?! – which is very breathable and a lovely material, whilst the trousers* are polyester.

As the brand works with factories that provide better quality of living and work standards, I am fine with one or two pieces that are 60% of the way to being sustainable, with the hope they’re looking into more ethical materials for future collections!

Finally, I’ve been waiting for Avengers Infinity War to come out on DVD and today is that day – squeals in Asgardian – so I’m going to try and track down a copy ASAP and watch it loud enough so my neighbours don’t complain, and also on repeat so I stop crying at THAT ending; honestly, I’ve been waiting months for this and still kick myself for not seeing it more at the cinema, but that first time on opening night will forever be in my memory as LEGENDARY CINEMA VIEWING.

But yes, this month you will find me watching lots of Avengers clips, and also Bake Off, which is slightly more wholesome and features a different kind of snap 😉

I hope you’re all doing well, and if you want to see more of my ethical/sustainable clothing then make sure to follow my instagram for regular daily updates including vegan/cruelty-free beauty! But until then, here’s to a fab start to September!



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