I’ve spoken for years about how skincare is my OG, that keeping my skin in good condition is the foundation for everything else, and whilst I still do have occasions where I mess with spots (sorry Mum), I have generally gotten better with a mix of dermatology appointments – honestly, the stuff they push out from the depths of your skin – and good quality skincare that has made my skin so much more manageable!

There are a few repeat faves from years gone by, but I wanted to update you all on my current routine in case you’re looking for new skincare products, plus as it’s coming into the colder months, some of these are great to have stashed in your ‘just in case’ pile…


There are only two cleansers I’ve stuck with in my skincare routine over the years (probably won’t come as a surprise either!) which are the Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel and Pai Camelia and Rose Gentle Hydrating Cleanser.

Both are very nourishing and great at breaking down grime or makeup, but their subtle differences are what make me reach for them at different times of day – Oskia contains exfoliating pumpkin enzymes which I find great in the morning as my skin feels a little grim and needs a bit of resurfacing before applying my other products, whilst Pai’s cleanser has a creamier consistency with added oils in the formula that hydrate, nourish, calm, and very thoroughly cleanse the skin.

If you’re after a one-stop cleanser, I’d recommend Pai as it’s very gentle and a lovely treat, but I’m such a fan of both I always recommend them in conjunction! Oskia will give you brighter and smoother skin, whilst Pai will calm and nourish it deeply – perfect combo!


I’d class the Oskia CityLife Anti-Pollution Spray* as a toner as I apply it post-cleanse, but it’s a great facial spray to use throughout the day. I’ve found since using the CityLife collection that the amount of gunk in my pores has lessened due to the spray’s ability to prevent free radicals entering the skin, plus it creates a hydrating barrier on the skin that is glorious after washing your face and adding in more moisture with every spritz.

They’ve recently rebranded the packaging, so you get a finer mist which does encourage you to use at least 6-8 sprays for full face coverage (it was previously 3 big sprays), but it’s a gentle and very loved step in my routine – I’m always scared it’s going to run out as it’s an absolute staple in my skincare routine!


Serums are the one thing I usually switch in and out most, with my favourite being the Pai Back to Life Hydration Serum I’m currently using the Ere Perez Quandong Green Booster Serum, which is half the price for the same size, and does the job well. It does smell a little like play-doh, but it’s very hydrating and a good natural option that’s purse friendly.

Whatever serum I’m using, I always add in 3 drops of Oskia CityLife Booster*, which as it says, gives an extra anti-pollution protection boost to my skin. I work in front of a screen and live in a busy city, so protecting my skin as much as possible is essential to me, and this in conjunction with the spray really makes a difference. It’s a spenny product, but if you commute or work in polluted areas, it’s invaluable to have!


My fave bit of hydration comes in the form of oils, and I swear they do a lot of the hard work (thanks to the serum dragging them deeper into my skin with each wash). I really love Sunday Riley’s Luna Oil, which I use every evening without fail as it helps calm my skin, prevents blemishes, and gives me more bounce and clarity to my skin thanks to the retinol, but I had been looking for a retinol-free version to use in the day and thankfully Herbivore Botanicals’ Lapis Oil is exactly that – practically the same product with an emphasis on Blue Tansy for calmer and combatted red skin, just minus the retinol!

I adore the smell of both and the calming clarity they bring my skin, and I’ve seen the benefit from using both daily. Again, both investment products, but if you have oily/blemish prone/dehydrated skin, they’re worth the price tag.


As it’s been warmer I’ve often skipped moisturiser as my oil feels enough, but when I do I’ve used Verso’s Retinol Day Cream* (both day and night) as the retinol was great at calming and drying out any blemishes/preventing them from forming. I really love how potent yet gentle the Verso range is, and both the day and night creams have helped clear up marks and blemishes quickly – if you’re someone again with acne or scars or older skin, the range is worth a look as it’s super effective and very minimal ingredients!

A more streamlined skincare routine than years gone by, but effective nonetheless! Let me know if you’ve used any of these products, and what you’re currently coveting too.




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