Hello hello hello again, it’s been a while! I’ve been trying my best to write posts in the evenings and weekends, but with the absolutely LUSH weather we’ve had recently, the last thing I’ve wanted to do is sit at my laptop and write when I could be reading in the sun, sipping on some sweet iced chai lattes, and stocking up on enough Vitamin D to last until next March.

But I’m back with a post I’ve been trying to finish for an age, and it’s an updated look at my current makeup routine, which in comparison to previous posts, is pretty minimal, pretty quick, and probably the best range of products I’ve used altogether – can I just say, I get my face done in 10 mins. It’s a miracle.


Madara Anti Pollution CC Cream in Medium Beige* – I’ve done a post on this lil’beauty already, but it’s been my go-to base for months now (even when I’ve had breakouts which is saying something because it’s not the highest coverage). It’s helped me embrace natural skin and keeps me hydrated all day long without feeling slippy or cakey either – plus it’s cruelty-free and organic so that’s great 😉

Milk Makeup Flex Concealer – I’m counting down the days until either someone I know goes to America or Milk finally launches in the UK, because this is a fab high coverage yet natural looking Concealer that blends amazingly. I’ve said before how the shades are a bit sparse and don’t reflect their counterpart names in the foundations, but I’ve since found Light works well with my tanned skin and covers the areas my CC Cream can’t, and my skin looks and feels darn good! Aside from the colour range, one thing I would say is that it doesn’t feel like there’s a lot of product in the tube, but the warm weather has actually melted it slightly, making it easier to blend (and getting those last bits of product out the crevices!)

Ere Perez Arnica Concealer – this is a newbie that I bought on a whim as I love the brand, and was looking for a concealer that was 1) lighter and 2) available in the UK, and this formula has been spot on for me (literally). It conceals really well, doesn’t crease, has a lovely texture that blends easily yet stays put, and is very calming (gotta thank that arnica), I HIGHLY recommend it!


Anastasia Beverly Hills Tinted Brow Gel – Thanks to some magic brow serum I used a few months ago, my brows are in pretty good condition aka full AF (although I do need a top up in my outer gaps because those sparse areas aren’t cute!), so most mornings I fill in any noticeable sparseness with the shade ‘Epic’ from my PUR Soiree Palette*, and then brush this through to add volume and shape, all done in a quick swish and leaves my brows looking naturally defined yet better.

Bleach London Louder Powder in TD ma – I adore Bleach eyeshadows, and the orange shade is one I rock on a daily basis – it really makes my green eyes pop, plus it blends so well and has great pigmentation. Use a dense brush to pack on pigment, or a fluffy blending brush for a more subtle wash of colour.

Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Medium/Dark* – This isn’t pictured for some reason but it’s one of my fave bronzers ever. With my current tan, this gives extra depth and glow to the areas I maybe didn’t catch the sun as much or want to emphasise colour; it blends beautifully, is easy to correct if you make a mistake (always) and it just smells so darn good!

The Balm Bonnie Lou-minizer* – The real magic behind my daily glow is this beauty, a bronzey-glowy highlighter that’s super buttery but natural on the skin. I love the finished look it brings to my bronzed areas, and really highlights the tops of my cheekbones and down the nose for that ‘I’ve been tanning all weekend’ vibe.

Ere Perez Avocado Waterproof Mascara – Finding a vegan waterproof mascara was really hard at first, but I am so so in love with the Ere Perez mascara! It’s all natural and full of good ingredients, plus the effect is natural but as the product dries out, it allows you to build and achieve really dark dramatic lashes with serious volume girl! Worth. Every. Penny.

Fair Squared Lip Balm – You can’t go wrong with/have too many lip balms, and this new one I got from Fair Squared* has been greta at keeping my lips soft all day, even after my lipstick has worn away. It’s a great natural brand and I would say one to use beginning of the day/before bed due to the ol’finger dip situ, but a lush hydrating formula nonetheless.

Glossier Generation G – Finally for a pop of colour, I’ve fallen back in love with Glossier lipsticks! Aside from the drying formula, the colour payoff and pigmentation is great, just make sure you keep a mirror handy so you don’t get wonky lips – something I’ve done MANY times *eesh*

And there we have it – a ten minute face with some pretty top notch products! Can also confirm everything stays put during a heatwave, which is always a plus, so it’s back to the sunbathing for me…



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