It’s hardly bath weather atm (my slightly burnt butt is tingling enough without trying to submerge it in hot waters) but that still doesn’t mean you can’t stock up on treats for when the weather dips below 18 degrees again 😉

When it comes to a bath, it’s either sleep induced smells or really festive – because I’m usually either very tired or very cold when I want a bath, and come winter I am always both – so I like a lot of lavender and eucalyptus, or cinnamon and other warming festive scents, plus hydration because I’m sometimes lazy and don’t moisturise afterwards (oops) so I like a combo of the above plus some oils and magnesium salts for good measure too – highly recommend EVERYONE uses magnesium salts, they’re game changing.

The first thing that’s changed my bath and shower routine is the Sister and Co Coffee Scrub*, which I’ve seen versions of on Instagram for years and wondered ‘how do you even use that without getting the shower dirty?’ Answer: you just deal with it, because you skin feels INCREDIBLE afterwards. Honestly, my back has never felt softer, smoother, and looked clearer (does still lead to some breakouts because of the renewed skin which is lol great but better skin long-term) and it does smell incredible too – a bit of coffee, some peppermint, and a lovely orange undertone which could almost tempt me to drink coffee, but alas I’m happier with it on my skin 😉

Bath milk is a bit of a new thing for me – I’ve always seen people use it but not really attempted to try another product in my bath, however I was sent the Sister and Co Almond Bath Milk* and with the promise of hydration I thought ‘hey, why not?!’. It does make the water softer, and I can’t say whether it’s made my skin softer because I’m too scared to dump loads in at once, but it does smell divine and can see it being a staple in my winter bath routine – think hints of cardamom and clay to help revitalise, perfectly mixed with winter staples such as cinnamon, which speaking of….

new-bath-products-wideye-sister-and-co-vegan-cruelty-free-2018 new-bath-products-wideye-sister-and-co-vegan-cruelty-free-2018 new-bath-products-wideye-sister-and-co-vegan-cruelty-free-2018

So it might be a little early to be mentioning cinnamon, but I went to Bournemouth recently to see Jaye and she took me into Wideye, a natural beauty brand that had recently opened up shop there (and are coming to Brighton too, halleloo!) and I went pretty crazy in-store, getting excited over everything. One of said items I got excited over was the Spiced Butter Cup (what a name!) and honestly I wish they had a whole line of products in this scent because I would wear it daily, September to December. It’s got Star Anise, Cinnamon, Lime, and Clove (also contains honey so again, up to you if you’re okay with using honey products) and it’s straight-up Christmas in a cup. I LOVE IT!

On the other end of the scent section are the more refreshing Green Clay Bath Salts, heavily scented with Eucalyptus and Black Pepper, which come winter (or a summer cold) will really keep your sinuses open and body detoxified of any nasties – sometimes I just like to open the packet and have a big inhale because it’s SO delicious and calming, cannot beat a good bath salt.


So yes, whilst it’s not bath season, I’ve collated quite a nice stash of products that I’m eager to chuck in and use come the day we hit 17 degrees again (prays it’s not too soon as I do like having warm bones), but I am more than ready for those motions of relaxation – what about you?



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