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I have been on the hunt for a decent CC cream for years now, ever since I saw my first tinted moisturiser rec (Laura Mercier, obvs) and learnt more and more about BB and CC cream from blogs and American/Korean YouTubers.

There are some holy grails out there – It Cosmetics, Erborian etc – but either the coverage is way too light, or the brand aren’t cruelty-free/vegan, so I’ve made do with the lighter foundations I’ve had and made it work, whilst having facials to improve my congestion and skin-tone which have been amazing btw, my skin is a new woman.

Since then, I got sent a new release from Mádara along with some other anti-pollution and hydrating goodies which has ticked so many boxes for me that I’ve not worn foundation since. Like, it’s been two months since I wore something high-coverage, and that’s a record.


Let’s start with coverage – Mádara City CC Cream sits easily in the light-medium category which is fab for a CC cream, hanging out closer to medium end as it can build up nicely and cover up a level of redness/blemishes before needing extra concealer. It’s got a nice undertone also that isn’t too warm or too ashy, just enough to add a little colour depending on your shade whilst evening everything out, but does however only come in 2 shades which are aimed more at lighter skin-tones/those with a slight tan.

The big ticks are mainly that the CC cream is cruelty-free (not vegan as it contains beeswax, but up to you if you are ok with using products containing it), natural and organic, plus is contains SPF 15 and also anti-pollution properties which is amazing as Brighton gets its fair share of pollutants from buses and trains and having an ocean which is cool/making my hair big. I’ve noticed that my skin looks even and natural, feels hydrated yet isn’t overly creamy like you can feel you’ve got base on – it’s the perfect low-key CC cream option if you want something light to wear on your skin with added benefits than make it feel like your skin but better!

I am planning a ‘what makeup I’m currently wearing’ post, but I wanted to note that along with the CC cream I use Milk Makeup’s Flex Concealer for extra coverage on my cheeks/chin for blemishes and redness, plus to add colour or highlight depending on my fake tan (lol) and I find it lasts phenomenally all day long.

I kinda feel bad for not using my usual foundations that I’ve purchased over the last year in favour of this, but my skin has never felt or looked better, and it makes me feel so fresh and that I can get and feel ready in 10 minutes rather than blending and covering my skin up which took time and emotional effort. The Madara CC Cream has honestly worked some magic on my skin (coupled with great skincare and facials, but nonetheless has helped my skin breathe and look naturally glowy and even which encourages more skin loving!) and I couldn’t recommend it more – whether you want a better coverage CC cream, a more natural option to pick from, or something lightweight to rock in summer/at work, this lil’beauty will do it all.

£27, available at Naturisimo in the UK. This product was gifted to me for review purposes.





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