If you’re feeling a mid-week pamper session, I don’t blame you – I am a sucker for doing a face mask on the regular, heck I’d do one every night if I could! I usually get a bit congested 3 weeks after my dermatologist facial (which fyi is one of the greatest things I pay for each month, my pores look outstanding) and also that time of the month, and I’ve got a few products I like to whip out in my time of need – Sunday Riley Saturn is great for drying out spots and sebum, plus the sulphur really breaks down the gunk and keeps your skin smooth; Herbivore Blue Tansy contains BHA which helps bring spots to the surface and also nip them at the root whilst exfoliating away the top few layers of skin – and new to the roster is the Omorovicza Ultra Moor Mud Mask.

This beauty is a great 2-in-1, in fact I’d even say it’s the perfect mix of Saturn and Blue Tansy, as it exfoliates and deeply cleanses the pores, leaving them as clear as your room after a good spring clean (and also has a lil’sparkle). I’ve used the Omorovicza Deep Cleansing Mud Mask before and I do use this also when I just want a deep cleanse, but most of the time I’m lazy *soz* and have only so many hours in the evening to give my face the love it deserves, and this ticks all the boxes before my big Sunday pamper.

Omorovicza’s website does recommend using the mask after exfoliating, and also states that the Deep Cleansing mask is a little more decongesting, but if you want a bit of added plump and are running low on time, go ahead and throw Ultra Moor on your face, it really does brighten and unclogg the ol’pores!

The mask is on the higher end of the price section and I do find the glass packaging/general packing makes it feel like you get more product than there actually is, but I do feel the ingredients make it worth dolla plus the mask (and other products pictured) are all cruelty-free/vegan friendly which is a big win for me.

Mid-week pampers just got a heck of a lot better 😉



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