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It’s been a while since I’ve sat down and written a blog post, and whilst I’d usually apologise for the lack of content and Instagrams, I’m not that sorry about it.

Moving was a lot, it always is, and a lot happened all at once this month that only now (almost a month later) do I feel settled and happy to jaunt into town without worrying about boxes and sorting house stuff out.

I think the break from content was also a fear of not knowing what I wanted to write (I do have a post planned on that topic) and after reading Liv’s post I felt like bringing in some diary elements to my writing, rather than trying to do a big show and tell of something when just the little moments are nice to share.

laurenbrittonloves lifestyle brighton beach laurenbrittonloves lifestyle brighton beach laurenbrittonloves lifestyle brighton beach

I moved house in the snow, which was an experience – cold, slippy, but cosy once we’d shut the doors – and when it snowed again this weekend it was nice to actually stay in bed and enjoy the chill from under the duvet. It’s weird to imagine snow on the beach, but it happens, and is truly a mind-boggling sight that collides your memories of Christmas with that of summer holidays.

After a long laze in bed, I decided to make an rather ‘treat yo’self’ size sausage sandwich which is a great start to any Sunday especially when it’s cold out. There was fried onions, ketchup, roasted tomatoes, and some thick cuts of sourdough bread, nestled around my fave Linda McCartney sausages and it wouldb’e been a good breakfast overall if a fly hadn’t landed in my tea – you win some you lose some, in this case, my Mint Tea Pigs.

laurenbrittonloves lifestyle brighton beach laurenbrittonloves lifestyle brighton beach laurenbrittonloves lifestyle brighton beach

After a few hours pottering around and tidying, I finally felt the urge to take some photos which, outside of work, I hadn’t felt for a while. I took some snaps in the garden and then wrapped up to brace the bitter sea wind, because let me tell you now, there’s nothing like Brighton’s cold seafront.

Something I found in my old place was that whilst I lived close to town, there wasn’t really anything there to encourage me to go out (except TK Maxx, but there are only so many bath salts I can buy) and would end up staying in a lot.

Now I go for a walk every other day – sometimes more – because I know the beach is right there, and there are vegan food options right there; it’s a small thing but it’s made a huge difference. The other day I was walking home and ordered Deliveroo vegan fish and chips that turned up just as I was putting me key in the door – small things like that make me so happy!! (Although I have spent more on Deliveroo in two weeks then in 5 years)

laurenbrittonloves lifestyle brighton beach laurenbrittonloves lifestyle brighton beach

Now going to the beach on a minus cold day might seem crazy, but it’s a nice novelty to be so close to the sea, plus I thought it would be cute to see the huts covered in snow (sadly, a lot of it had melted, but it was still pretty cute to see a dusting on top!)

Soon my cheeks were pretty red raw from the cold so we walked back home, popped the heating up to get toasty, and tucked into a yummy hot choc to warm our bones again (any excuse for a hot choc 😉 )

It’s so nice to feel at home in a new place so easily – despite coming down for work weekly for the last few years, I really feel myself here, that this is my place and I can finally have everything I want in life.

All that’s left to do is get cracking on some new content and I have plenty planned – just don’t tell my bank balance about the Deliveroo pizza I’m buying for ‘research’ okay?

laurenbrittonloves lifestyle brighton beach


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