We’re finally out of the woods – February has arrived! I am slightly hoping it doesn’t rush by in typical fashion – I am enjoying this slow glacial pace, and would like to savour each day please i.e not thinking about how much time I’ve spent listening to Anaconda on repeat instead of working, instead perfecting my Aja-esque dance moves.

Back to February though, and I’ll admit I didn’t quite do all my January Goals (not that they’re all serious blood bound goals, I would’ve liked to actually start some yoga, I just didn’t make time to and that’s my choice, as was the decision to sleep more so swings and roundabouts 😉 ) but the ones I did do were fab to tick off – I got my hair chopped (halleloo) and it’s no longer getting tangled in bag straps and the like; I had my first monthly blog meeting and have set up a second one for February’s content; I started some of my clear out but there’s so much more, and I want to really deep cleanse that shizz; also I moisturised more which is the most impressive thing I’ve done on this list, my skin is soft again and I am in love with Pai Body Cream which is the perfect balance of moisture without overloading grease or oil, it sinks in beautifully and is perfect for the most sensitive of skin too.

With those done and implemented, here’s what I’m hoping February brings – a little bit more attainable but with a lot of pay off…

laurenbrittonloves-brittonloves-february-goals-lifestyle-2018 laurenbrittonloves-brittonloves-february-goals-lifestyle-2018

  1. Make moves

Going to be a bit vague here, but from literal moving (exercise, transporting myself new places) to making moves with my blog and photography, I want to set lots of things in motion in February and see them come to life by the end of the month so fingers crossed…

  1. Drive more

Since I got Priscilla (read more) I’ve felt so much better about driving – I even drove my Mum up the motorway and if she’s comfortable with my driving in a car then it must be good! – and I want to go see Jaye in Bournemouth, get used to all the areas around Brighton, and pop up to Surrey to visit one of my fave cafes, and then it’s onto the long-hauls up to The Cotswolds and who knows, even further *eek!*

  1. Try some new photography techniques

I spent some free time last month working on retouching and I’ve improved a lot, so I want to go back and practise on some old photos, see what I can do with colour correction and just editing them a whole new way to how they were initially. It’s always good to build skills and experiment, so I’d love to see what I can do with my version of a photo.

  1. Start thinking about my birthday

It might be a little way off (29th March cough) but I’d like to organise a spa day or something equally relaxing – myself and Jaye have close birthdays so once she’s back from her travels I think a day full of head and foot rubs would be very much appreciated.

  1. Read more books

I got through 3 books last month and it was so nice to switch off and find new inspiration through reading – plus curling up by the fire + book + hot chocolate = Friday night dream  – I’m hoping to get through my last two New Year reads and maybe pick up some new books too, so let me know your suggestions also (I love a good self-help book!)

  1. Declutter (again) and yoga (again)

I’m getting a real buzz for decluttering at the moment, it’s nice to see stuff you know would be appreciated more by others go to a better home, and also finally accepting that the jumper you purchased without thought isn’t getting decent wear and it’s time to make space for what you do love – I’ve got my office and beauty drawers to do again, but so far a lot of stuff has gone to charity which I’m pleased with! And then yoga, I need to get some stretches in as my legs get stuck after sitting so long editing – I’ve been going out for walks every so often but it’s good to get a good twist in and allow the energy to flow (just, please remind me or I will end up sleeping again instead…)


laurenbrittonloves-brittonloves-february-goals-lifestyle-2018 laurenbrittonloves-brittonloves-february-goals-lifestyle-2018

What are you hoping to achieve this February? Let me know down below!



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