This might seem like a strange idea for a post, but I was thinking about what I’d like to read on blogs this year and the idea of long-term investment buys caught a spark somewhere in my brain.

Granted, this isn’t a post about the 36 shades of pink lipstick I might potentially buy and every single purchase broken down as a big list – no, this is the realistic end-goal list of items I’d like to buy this year that will either make big changes to my work or lifestyle.

There are some things I’ve missed off this list as they’re more ‘making big savings to purchase something very adult’ and am being very aware of my savings pot, but I have an idea of some solid purchases I’d like to make during the year to add to and improve what I currently own – let’s call it sensible investment spending!


Technically I’ve already purchased this as I’ve got myself set-up and hosted on WordPress (just need to officially move over) thanks to the fab pipdig – bit of a last minute decision to actually migrate across but something I’d been contemplating for a while, I will be sad to say goodbye to Blogger as this was my starting ground, but better layouts, SEO, and widgets galore are far more exciting – come at me customisation!

Editing tablet

I’ve been working on my retouching recently (hello smooth skin and colour correcting) and am absolutely loving it, but have been recommended to invest in a tablet and pen for more precision. It might be something a bit more down the line as work commands it, but would be hella useful.

Photography equipment

A bit of a general one because I am doing well with the lenses and kit I’ve got, but it’s always exciting to invest in something new to up quality and try new imagery. There’s some lenses I’ve been thinking about, and of course cameras, but we’ll see how we go (aka let the bank decided oops)

Ethical underwear

Ever since getting Thought socks for Christmas, I’ve been obsessed with how top notch the quality is – honestly, softest yet thickest socks ever, my toes are so happy. I can clearly tell they’ll last for years (no heels with holes) and they are ethical too, made from organic and well sourced materials that give back to causes and benefit the environment and workers too. I’d like to swap out some of my underwear for more breathable and ethical pieces, so I’m going to be scouring my usual ethical hit-ups for new releases over the months!

More sustainable clothing – mainly a summer coat/jacket and trousers!

I don’t really need more clothing, but there are certainly some items that need swapping out or upgrading to better alternatives. After attending the People Tree SS18 press brunch, a few items aught my eye like a striped cotton suit (dream), a blue jumpsuit (yes), and definitely more floaty trousers and tops that I could get on board with. I like investing in quality and sustainability, so really it’s just items that will add to what I already have and keep my wardrobe going – plus inspire another clear out, ooft one of my fave things to do 😉


What are you planning to buy or invest in this year? Let me know below!


Some products in this post may have been sent for review or gifted, and will be marked with a * or c/o. All opinions are mine are not influenced by brands or companies. Please see my full disclaimer for more.

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