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We’re a few weeks in to 2018 now and I think it’s safe to say that some balance is starting to emerge – routines are being built, opportunities and ideas are coming to life, and there’s definitely been a broken resolution or two that we’re just going to accept happened and move on. It’s how things go sometimes, we’re a bit out of balance and often come into the new year with a mix of post-Christmas relaxation and New Year New Me urgency that sometimes we try to rush into everything so fast and achieve achieve achieve, yet our brain is still like ‘hey man, you’ve got 2 Netflix Originals to finish binging, chill out dude.’

If having time away from laptops and work taught me anything over December, it’s that I like having those chilled no-days as much as I like the really big work achievement days, and that having them more often isn’t such a bad thing. One day, I might want to shoot 5 posts and bang out 20 emails, and the next is me stuck to the sofa watching 15 episodes of Brooklyn Nine Nine. Granted, it’s not productive and can be a waste of time, but it’s acknowledging that situation where maybe your mind can’t focus as well or you haven’t got the energy to get going as well as you could the next day.

I’ve written about a few posts about 2018 and monthly goals, the self-help books I’m reading, and have also been focusing on the theme of balance over the past year with my collaboration with Yushoi Snacks, which is something I really believe we can all work on more. With that in mind, I’ve been thinking about a few other general ground rules I can follow during the year to make sure I’m staying balanced in all aspects of life (and of course, be happy and have fun too!)




1. Have a treat or two when I want…

If I fancy a truffle or two post avocado toast, I’ll have it! And if I’m out with friends and pizza is on the menu, I may just have to have order one with roast potatoes on top.

2. …But also give more attention to health and wellbeing, addressing the things I’m missing out on

I know I eat quite healthy overall, exercise is where I slack, so I need to give more attention to moving, stretching, and eating balanced meals throughout the day.

3. Try not to be a slave to regimented routine…

Also when it comes to health and kicking as, routine helps. But sometimes it’s so strenuous that you end up finding it a second job and no longer enjoyable. There’ll be no ‘I MUST DO 30 MINUTES OF YOGA OR I WILL FAIL’ attitude here, just a ‘hey I did some stretches and got up and walked around that’s fab!’ when I do something!

4. …But also cut down time spent on things that might not be benefiting my daily life

So that hour I spend in bed every morning on social media, probably not good. And staying off electronics before bed, need to work on that. Trying to work down from a quick scroll to getting up straight away to wash and then picking up the phone later would be much more beneficial and┬ámaybe fit in that yoga session I’ve been trying to do.

5. Notice the good things when they happen…

From job praise to winning something fab, even nailing a red lip without wonky lines, note those little internal fist pumps and share how great you feel to further spread the joy (and your happy endorphins too!)

6. …And learn lessons from the ‘bad’

We do tend to emphasise and focus on the bad more as humans, but we can easily turn a negative into a learning experience. Are you able to educate yourself from it? Can you recognise behaviour that isn’t working for you? Or maybe the situation is something you can work in any more and it’s time to make a change? Whatever the bad is, don’t let them sit and ache in your chest as blame, make them your building blocks to learn and be better.




How are you planning to find balance in 2018? I’d love to hear your suggestions and goals below!


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