I love to start the new year with a self-help book or 3; it just helps me set myself up properly for the year to come and find a new confidence in myself when I can’t quite yet find the push in myself to get ahead and grab the life I need by the lady-balls.

I’m a little slower on the reading than I would’ve like so far, but I’ve picked up 5 cracking reads that are a must if you want to either improve your skills or rediscover yourself in a new empowered form…

Get Your Shit Together

I really enjoyed ‘The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving a F**k‘ and was keen to get started on the sequel. As someone who felt pre-Christmas that my work and life was a bit all over the place, this really helped me get on track for 2018, and there were two things I mainly took away from the book – Must Lists and practising Strategise, Focus, Commit. I’ve already spoken about Must Lists in my last post, but if you need help focusing on a goal and actually achieving it then SFC is for you: think of it, as Sarah says, like remembering your key, phone, and wallet – keys unlock the next step, your phone is your ability to focus and make those things happen, and your wallet represents commitment to putting your money (ahem) where your mouth is. It’s simple but so effective!

You Do You

Can you believe there’s a third book?! I’ve only just started reading it but rather than focusing on being a strong, organised, no sh*t kinda person, this one helps you build up confidence in yourself and stop listening to others tell you how they think you should be. From accepting your flaws to succeeding at success without traditional methods, it’s definitely a mood booster and one for when you need some motivation to get what you want how you want.

Ikigai – The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life
I first researched Ikigai last year but then got swept up in many many other books and also life, so when I found a copy of ‘The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life‘ I knew I had to get my head down and study the practise. Ikigai translates as ‘a reason to jump out of bed each morning’, to throw yourself into passions and find your purpose in life, and is described as a patient search for your own personal balance of passion, mission, vocation, and profession, which leads to you never retiring (because you’re constantly fulfilled) and living longer – some villages in Japan house people who have lived past 100 years old after finding and living their ikigai, which is fantastic and I can’t wait to learn more!

The Working Woman’s Handbook
This, along with Little Black Book, has become one of the new ‘must reads’ for freelancers and business women everywhere. It features interviews with women in various careers to highlight important lessons and approaches to tasks, and also has quick exercises on things such as pitching an idea perfectly or proper social media practise – must put my phone down more often – but if you like questionnaires and identifying key areas to improve or emphasise, this is fab.

Little Black Book
Finally we have Little Black Book, which I was already planning on buying but when I picked up a copy and it opened on a page featuring advice on something I really needed, I was sold – fate in writing. From public speaking practise to building your brand, and negotiating that pay rise whilst also looking out for number one (that’s you), it seems your life can be improved forever in just 115 pages – result!

Now, go get 2018 by the pages!


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