Skincare is home to many myths, one that stuck with me a lot was that ‘oily complexions shouldn’t use oil’ for many years, opting for stripping toners and skipping moisturiser all together so not to encourage my T-zone (big mistake, I’m now the end of the combination spectrum where I’m very dry and also very oily).

Oils have gotten better since those days now and it’s encouraged that we use oils so to naturally cancel out the oil production – just enough to hydrate, not too much to clog the pores – and I have to say they’re one of my favourite parts of my routine; slathering on oil makes me feel like I’m in a spa and I get to squish and massage my skin until it’s soaking up all the product and my yawns have been worked out (if you haven’t massaged around your eyes and cheeks, you’re missing out on an instant wake-me-up that feels great). I’ve tried many brands and formulas, but these 3 oils have made the big leagues (ones I’d recommend and use forever and ever) and here’s why you should love and use them too…

Sunday Riley Luna Oil has been a firm favourite since I first tried it in December 2015 – I remember the date clearly because I did a huge Cult Beauty haul and the price of this tipped the total nicely into ‘free goody bag’ status – and it’s honestly done wonders. The two main ingredients that make this little blue bottle rock are Retinol and Blue Tansy, and whilst I might be a little young for retinol it’s really helped with my acne; retinol helps combat signs of ageing mostly, but works on reducing pore size and repairing damaged skin which, if like me you get spots that won’t clear off quick enough, really helps soothe and repair anything you’ve inflicted on said spot. Blue Tansy is equally magic, helping to reduce redness and give skin a luminous glow come the morning. It’s pretty much the only product in Sunday Riley’s range I think every skin type could get along with, as it’s moisturising enough for oily skin types, gives a big drink to dry complexions, and helps reverse everything from daily free-radicals to lacklustre skin (this stuff really plumps the skin like a grape).

Be warned, it’s hella pricey at £85, plus it’s not 100% organic and natural, with synthetic colours and solvents present, alongside 7 essential oils, so if you’re overly sensitive or want to head in a more natural/cheaper direction, I hear ya. It’s a high percentage of retinol but causes less irritation due to it’s composition, and is a great option if you’re dabbling in retinol for the first time.

Oskia Restoration Oil wins the prize of Best Smell – like chocolate oranges – and also being a delicious morning pamper. It’s a mid-weight consistency I’d say out of the three, and that middle theme continues in that I’d consider it the best all-round oil too; there’s no high levels of retinol, but it does contain rosehip seed oil which is a natural retinol acid whilst omegas increase suppleness and sea fennel promotes collagen (another great plus if you have acne prone skin) and the presence of turmeric acts as an awesome anti-inflammatory too.

There’s a lot going on, but this little bottle helps target all the necessary areas – moisture and hydration, free-radical repair, smoother skin, and skin regeneration – without being too oily or too heavy to clogg pores or overwhelm the skin. I like it best in winter as it’s a little thicker and preps my skin for all the contrasting temperatures, plus if you’re not fussed about a heavy retinol, it’s a much cheaper price at £64 for an equally luxurious product. My only qualms are that sometimes it’s too heavy and makes me look a little oily depending on the time of the month, but it’s not something to put you off completely – I mean, I get to smell like chocolate orange!

Herbivore Botanicals Lapis Oil is a product (and brand) I’d been wanting to try for a long time, and even in the short time we’ve been together, I can already tell this is a stellar oil. I wrote about the oil briefly in my Sephora haul post but I’ve been testing it out in my morning routine for a few weeks now and am happy to report it is perfect – this is definitely the lightest oil of the 3, almost watery but very very hydrating and nourishing to start the day with. It again contains Blue Tansy to combat redness and also soothe blemishes, making this a must for acne-prone skin, and is 100% natural – can I get an amen?

If that wasn’t enough, there’s plant based Squalene that acts as a natural barrier to keep moisture in and prevent hyper-pigmentation, and kukui nut oil which balances acne-prone skin types with low levels of linoleic acid (I just looked this up and acne sufferers have low-levels of linoleic acid in our surface lipids e.g. sebum which means that higher present levels of oleic acid leads to thick sticky liquid i.e. puss blocking our pores which causes more breakouts and oil production!

The smell is quite fresh, almost minty, so it’s lush in the morning, and a little really does go a long way (I’ve barely made a dent in my mini). At the moment, you can cough up $72 on Sephora for the full size or pick up a mini in the Duo Set (you also get the Blue Tansy mask, which is a hero to all skin imo) for $29!! Lil note, you won’t have to wait long before you can buy it in £££, just saying… 😉



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