I’m currently on a liquid cleanse, clearing my system for the festive season and getting my mind, body, and spirit in alignment before the new year, refreshing my digestive system and getting in those essential nutrients we all need.

Did I mention the liquid was hot chocolate? Yeah there’s lots of hot chocolate.

I’ve been on the one-a-day method, mainly because my current concoction is so rich and velvety I can’t stomach more than one but it is a glorious one-mug-a-day that I highly recommend everyone tries.

After last year’s post I thought I’d update you all on my new and improved high quality chocolate recipe, which is perfect for vegans and also those who want something extra luxurious now and again…

You will need your favourite mug, some Oatly chocolate milk (or milk of your choice, but chocolate milk makes it extra yummmmy), 2 Tbsp of Hot Chocolate powder (I use 1 Tbsp of Green and Blacks and 1 Tbsp of Cadburys), either some syrup or spice – I’ve been adding 1/2 tsp of Chai Latte powder and wow.

Take your fave mug and measure out the amount of milk you want, and then heat in a pan on a medium heat until warmed through (just hotter than drinking temperature so it lasts).

In your mug add the powders, and when the milk is hot add a few teaspoons to mix in and make a paste. You can either empty the paste into the pan to mix thoroughly or pour the warm milk straight into your mug, and et voila it’s all complete!

Using chocolate milk honestly takes drinks to another level, making it easier to quickly whip up a sweet treat and cuts out a lot of the fuss when mixing powders (says the gal who used 3 chocolate powders in one mug) and it just tastes SO MUCH BETTER – I do think using Oatly Barista makes a difference as it makes the milk frothy and light, so I might try mixing the two milks together new time *goes all heart eyes* (also yes rating milk is my new thing I am old)

Now I think it’s time for my daily dose of hot chocolate to keep my cleanse on track – is there a better way to start a Monday?


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