I think Christmas decor is my favourite, it just radiates cosy warm comforts and magic if we’re going to push it that far, and it allows me to push the limit on candles which is also a great because I do love to smell of cinnamon as much as I can.

There’s been a few updates since my last post, including this stellar desk set-up I’ve had since mid November – I found both the Santa and mini tree in Homesense (of course), the lights are last year M&S, and the pine cones are actually scented with winter spice which is lovely alternative if you find candles a bit much.

Speaking of candles, I’ve burned through a fair few but my favourites that you can still buy are Yankee Candle Cinnamon Stick and White Company Winter – I’ve had the fancy botanical one since last year as well as the 3-wick which is still waiting to be burned over the next few weeks, but they honestly smell deliciously cosy and are a worthy investment.

Also in my bedroom I’ve gone to down on the red and gold which is a huge contrast to my usual blue (don’t worry, there are still some Christmas blues in there) – these again are all Homesense last year but the wooden ‘Merry Christmas’ is still one of my favourite ever finds, I just wish I could nail it to the wall and display it in all it’s glory!

Something I’ve never had but always thought looked beautiful were garlands and when I found this Gisela Graham design on Amara I knew it would be perfect for our fireplace.

The mixture of golds and greens are so versatile, and through the last month it’s been a table centre piece and taken it’s final place on the fireplace, where I wove some fairy lights around and styled it with bigger candles and a few statement ornaments – I finally feel like I’m living in Pinterest 😉

And then we come to trees – we do have 3 main ones in total (a real one we got this year and two fake ones from last year’s sale YAAAS) we different themes which is great because I can never decide on one colour scheme.

The one by my desk is red and white which goes nicely with the Santa lights and also the red chalk on the blackboard, but I’ve mixed it up with white crackle baubles and striped red and white ones which make it feel less traditional and v fun. Again, the majority (okay all) were Homesense finds and also Homebase which is surprisingly good for decs so recommend checking them out!

The ‘main’ tree is a culmination of decorations from years gone by, and we went with a nice light caramel and gold theme, but I did take a risk by mixing white lights with warm ones and it actually worked out and makes it feel like 3 trees in one when you have either set on at once or together, which is quite nice. Plus, all the more fairy lights amiright?

My ever faithful blue baubles have found a place on the kitchen tree, and I do think the packed silvers and blues look fab on a pencil tree – it gives it more shape and makes it feel full of festiveness. Luckily my white lights have gone a bit more purple/blue so when it’s about 4pm the decorations and lights look SO GOOD together – I’m in peak Christmas festive mode right now, I’m so excited.

Finally we have the table, and all those dried oranges finally came to good use, and make quite the centrepiece when coupled with candles and gold-painted leaves. Itgave me a good excuse to tidy everything up and also prep the table for all the upcoming games of Monopoly and roast dinners I’m going to consume in the next few weeks – only 15 more days to go….


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