Stranger Things 2
Of course this is on the list, I mean everyone and their dad is obsessed with the show. I binge watched the whole season the day it was released and the very bleary eyes afterwards were worth it. I won’t spoil it too much for anyone who hasn’t finished it yet, but the Hopper fam is damn cute and the endings of ep 8 and 9 still makes me scream ‘YAAAAAS’ every time I re-watch them – also who the hell turns down Dustin at a dance? I’ll end you. My little sci-fi heart is whole again, until season 3 that is when I’m sure I’ll be in turmoil over demodogs again.

Oatly Chocolate Milk
I may be 23 but chocolate milk is the best.damn.thing.ever. I’ve been using it as a base for my fancy hot chocolate and it’s taken drinks from a 5 to a solid 9. I don’t know how else to describe chocolate milk but just try it, you won’t regret it.

Hot Chocolate
Speaking of hot chocolate, I’ve been having about one mug a day – it’s the season, and I’m going to enjoy it. It’s great in the evening when you want something warming but not too filling, and when put marshmallows on top and they go all gooey, ooh that’s the good stuff!

Once Upon A Time
I love to hate this show but I’m also so addicted to it – it’s never ending drama, just when they break a curse someone else bad comes along and wages a wrath on all the characters. I’ll admit I’ve read slightly ahead because 7 seasons are you kidding?! but I am enjoying Robert Carlyle’s character, he is one great Rumple.

The Good Place
There is a lot of Netflix going on with this list, but I’ve finally found some good programmes to watch with other members of the family that aren’t too lowbrow or too dramatic it causes stress eating. The Good Place came up on a whim and anything with Kristin Bell in makes me want to watch it asap – it’s a great comedy about life after death in ‘heaven’ and what happens when you’re not meant to be there, and that’s all I’m going to say because it is just really funny and I hope it gets a third season! (Also if you love Adam Scott, he’s in it too 😉 )

Nut Roast Wellington
I have not stopped eating this since discovering you could put a nut roast inside pastry – very obvious I know, but a revelation for someone who loves both nut roast and pastry. We always make a big wellington that can be frozen and last a few days, and it’s a bloomin’ treat – might even do a recipe post on it!

Bleach London Eyeshadow
I picked up two shades recently as my fave palette turned out not to be vegan and had given me some irritation, and I love love love the bold colours. I blend both shades together for a really poppin’ warm autumnal eye, and the whole range is cf/vegan which is bloody fab – thanks Bleach!

PUR Soiree Diaries Palette
Another eyeshadow to end on, and I’ve really been enjoying the PUR Soiree Diaries palette – it’s got a lovely range of soft browns, reds, purples, mattes and sparkles, and really covers all occasions. I usually end up with a combo of Gala and Stunner, still a soft yet defined look with a bolder shade that’s perfect for the autumn season.


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