It may be too soon after Halloween and waaay too soon before December, but I cannot help but get into the festive spirit now – notice I’m trying not to say the Big C Word, it’s taken a lot of strength.

If you’ve read my blog for a few years now, you’ll know I’m a huge Christmas fan (oops that didn’t last long) and would happily get in the festive spirit as early as September, but we’ve got to give pumpkins a chance right? So I held off as long as I could and now I’m in full festive mode – I’ve already burnt through 2 candles, have been drinking spiced liquids (sounds dirtier than it is) and am consuming at least one hot chocolate a day.

There are few other things I’ve picked up recently, so if you’re wanting to make your home feel cosy and incorporate small bits of festivity into daily life, here’s a few bits to get you started…

Yankee Candle Cinnamon Stick
One of my favourite candles ever, if you can’t bear to clear the shelves of Homesense and TK Maxx to find a rare gem, then you can count on the Yankee classics! Cinnamon Stick and Spiced Orange are truly glorious that you can get away with burning them as early as September, and if you get the large size it’ll last you a good few months – get ready for your walls to become impregnated with the scent until New Years 😉

Pine Cones
These aren’t just any pine cones, these are cinnamon spice pine cones! You could just got find some in nature or buy a regular bag of clean pine cones, but I picked up these pre-festive oiled from the local garden centre at a complete bargain, plus some top-up scented oil at £1 which means they’ll smell incredible all season long – and no I haven’t doused all the woodwork in cinnamon oil. Yet.

Christmas Bedding
Every year I struggle with festive bedding – it’s either too formal, too red, too kitsch, or has giant polar bears and font across it (who wants font?!) but this year I’ve found my dream combo, and I may have had to go to the children’s section to get it but lord knows it’s a winner. This Llama and Santa bed-set has ticked all my boxes – I love llamas, I love Santa, I love small designs, and I like a subtle amount of red. Can I put it on my duvet yet?

Pom-Poms and I are having a love affair as of late, and when my mum text me a picture of this red and white garland I immediately replied ‘buy it buy it nowwwwww’. It’s just a nice addition for the fireplace that’s a bit subtle but adds some colour and cosiness, and was only £13!

I’ve only picked up one cushion this year which is a new record for me, as I do have a lot….but I loved the design and simple colour scheme of this beauty from Homesense – plus it matches the pom-poms which is fab 😉

Christmas Cordial
I’m already scared of running out of this Belvoir Christmas Cordial because it turns out nowhere aside from the garden centre sells it in-store! It’s like Ribena on another level, packed with warming spices and a little less sugary, yet still a delish non-alcoholic treat if you fancy somethin’somethin’.

Anthro Mugs on a Budget
Can you ever have too many mugs? (The correct answer is no, but only so I can justify these) Another bargain find, these Anthro-inspired mugs again from TK Maxx had to come straight home with us and now I enjoy many a hot chocolate in them.

Even more candles
Another ‘can you have enough?’ is candles – not already content with my little selection, I’ve picked up a few more scents for festive warmth. My current fave is Toasted Cinnamon, which I’ve already burnt through half of one and picked up a scent because you know, Homesense finds are hard to come by!

Have you been getting into the festive spirit lately? Or are you more of a December 1st person?


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