Tis the season of dry elbows and extra exfoliation, as well as baths and hot chocolates, but also those dry elbows.

I’m a bit terrible at keeping moisture in my skin at the best of times, but come the colder seasons I can see those dry irritated areas flaring up and feel more like old parchment than I do human, and if you get the same feeling then I’ve got some products that’ll sort those winter scales right out…

I’ve never really landed on a body moisturiser, which is probably why I don’t enjoy moisturising; after many dips and slathers, I’ve rediscovered Palmer’s Cocoa Butter and not only is smelling like chocolate great, but it’s quickly soothed and softened a lot of of my dry and cracked areas, especially those angry red and itchy patches. It’s a classic you can’t go wrong with and now I’m rubbing my weenus like no tomorrow (because your weenus is your elbow guys…)

Despite my strong love of Lush’s festive body wash, I needed something gentle on my eczema prone areas, something to nourish and moisturise without too many harsh chemicals, and Pai’s Gentle Genius Wash* has been a true hero – it has a very subtle herby smell which I love, and the lather is really moisturising so is great at rehydrating those irritated areas. Being sulphate-free, it’s a truly fab option for sensitive skin, plus it doubles up as shaving foam which is a win-win for lazy girls!

If you like soft hands, then let me point you in the direction of The Body Shop Hemp Hand Cream which is hands down (pun intended) the thickest and most deliciously moisturising cream ever. It’s a nice neutral smell, non-irritant, seriously rich, and always keeps my hands happy through winter – what more could you want?

Softness and hydration I always overlooked was pre-makeup, and since adding two pumps of Too Faced Hangover Primer* into my routine, my skin and makeup has been feeling more hydrated than ever; foundation lasts longer and wears better, plus the added coconut water gives that extra boost we could all use this time of year – who says matte is best when you can have a dewy glow all year?

Of course with lots of dry skin comes exfoliation, and whilst I’m not a big fan of physical exfoliants I do love Oskia Micro Exfoliating Balm* which seems to work as both physical and chemical – once wet, the balm starts to tingle and helps buff off all the dead skin, perfect if like me you have a reoccurring dry patch on your lips, plus if you need a real scrub-a-dub after a long day out, this will really freshen up you skin to rival a soft squishy baba.

And speaking of those baby soft lips, just as nourishing as Palmer’s is on my skin, the Cocoa Butter Lip Balm really keeps those chapped lips at bay through the winter – just slather on a few layers morning and night and you’ll have no problem wearing dry matte lipsticks all season long, especially when drinking a hot chocolate or two 😉


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