Well didn’t October come around quickly? I feel like the last month, heck the last year, has flown by and I’ve been so disorganised with blogging recently that I’m slapping my wrists and getting down with some lists to work my way back onto the content train again…

…Starting with these beautiful striped People Tree trousers, which as usual I picked up ages ago and took some time to photograph, but they’ve quickly become a saving grace when my regular jeans option has been rinsed to death, and also fit a bit better on my butt which is nice – I did have to turn up the legs though which makes me feel like I’m back in 2006 when I had to stitch my school trousers several times for them to stop skimming my new Clarks.

I’m really adamant on buying sustainable clothing, anything that’s come from recycled materials or is sourced from fairtrade businesses, just good clothes that do good in the long-term and also look great too. I’ve picked up a few pieces from People Tree so far this year and I am impressed with the quality and also how stylish the pieces look – which can be hard when looking for sustainable clothing let me tell you.

Sure, they’re a pricey investment (I did have a discount code for them, god bless voucher code websites) but they are made within ethical guidelines and give back to the community they came from, which is a win-win all round for everyone!

I have been thinking a lot about this topic recently, mostly because I need new jeans – I know, it’s a first world problem, but my mom jeans have got to that stage where no amount of hot washes can save me from a saggy butt – but I already have 5 pairs, 3 which are mom jeans and are going saggy and two which were expensive mid-rises that I hardly wear because they are mid-rise. Logic.

So I feel bad about buying new, better fitting jeans, because I already have jeans that I’m not getting cost per wear out of, and weren’t really that ethical a purchase in the first place.

(Can you tell I’m really not doing enough with my time when this is on my daily list of problems?)

What would be more true a statement is that I feel bad that I made an impractical purchase, and am now trying to talk myself out of making a better purchase because of the guilt of already owning what I believe to be ‘too many pairs’ that I should just deal with a saggy butt.

It’s bad ethics all around – even though at the time sustainable clothing wasn’t a priority, I didn’t really think about what fit me well, the quality, the price, how much wear the items would get, and now because I’m part of both the machines of blogging and consumerism, I feel I’m giving my money away for content and for more materials of clothing than I actually need.

It feels the same when it comes to creating content, that it seems so easy to compromise our own ethics for money to survive, only to talk about something we have no interest in or wouldn’t actually buy, or we’re offered such a low rate that it’s not even enough to cover the cost of time in creating the piece.

It’s only the last few days it’s niggled at me, because I only accept and work with brands that are cruelty-free, vegan, or sustainable, yet I get offers for sponsored work that I agree to and then find out later the brand has nothing related to my ethics because it wasn’t disclosed beforehand. Heck I’ve even got offers to review a steakhouse, which is really not on brand.

It’s easy to want to accept £50 or a free meal because it raises your visibility and shows you doing stuff instead of sitting at your laptop wondering how you can make the same ol’skincare new, but it’s also easy to say no to something you know won’t benefit you in the long run (a 7oz definitely wouldn’t, lord knows what would happen)

So I’m going to go buy my new pairs of jeans (all made from sustainable cotton which is better than it not being sustainable at all) and if they don’t fit, then it’s okay, because I can make what I have work, because I still enjoy them (even if my butt doesn’t) and I still have cool sustainable options to work with (which my butt does like), and that’s a more relaxed ethical approach I can get on board with…for now…


Photos by the fab Ghenet!

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