After a few weeks of moving boxes and making rooms look cosy again, I’m finally back to (some) normality of writing posts and getting through all the products and things I’ve been wanting to share recently! Thanks for sticking around whilst I’ve been adjusting to a new sunny nook to work in, and to kick things off again I’ve got some fab new skincare to share with you…

Now we all know myself and everyone and their mum loves a bit of Oskia – their Renaissance Cleansing Gel is probably one the most raved about products of the last two years, if you didn’t already know (and if not, where have you been?) – so when I heard the whispers of new products launching, with the focus on anti-pollution, I was sold.

I’d used another brand’s anti-pollution products before, however after talking with Klaudia who works at Oskia (and is also a mega babe) she told me that to keep products affordable, a lot of companies lower the concentration of anti-pollution properties, therefore allowing pollutants to penetrate easily and protect your pores more than average, just not enough to fully call themselves anti.

Oskia’s new CityLife range has been several years in the making and now that it’s finally here, it’s going to change the way your skincare works and how your face feels every day. If you live in a city or are commuting every day, chances are your skin has absorbed pollution on a daily basis (don’t tell me you haven’t blown your nose after a day on the tube and said ‘eww’ at all the black crap coming out) but did you know us countryside folk are getting a lot of pollution too? From carpets to computer screens, pollution is seeping into our skin wherever we go and it’s important to build a barrier to keep our skin fresh and clean and protect for as long as possible.

There are 4 new products which all work across your routine to help protect, de-stress, and boost your skin again pollution, and after a few weeks of testing them out I’m pleased to say I’ve had some fab results!

Going in application order, we have the CityLife Cleansing Concentrate*, a gentle foaming cleanser which has a unique texture that feels deeply nourishing yet cleansing. It aims to balance the pH in your skin whilst removing dirt, makeup, and pollutants whilst detoxifying the pores and leaving skin soft with lavender, eucalyptus, and Vitamin B5. If you’re oily or have acne, then you’ll be pleased to hear that Oskai have yet again incorporated MSM into the cleanser, helping to detoxify and reduce inflammation in the cells (I’m currently taking additional MSM supplements and my skin has been so soft and clear since!).

I like to use this when I’ve gone into a city or polluted area (aka, left the house) as a second cleanse, so it’s not currently a nightly staple, but it has given significant improvement to the tone and texture of my skin after each outing, and made me feel fresh and new compared to previous occasions, which would make it a staple for any city dweller imo!

Next up is the CityLife Facial Mist* which I’ve loved using day and night – it smells really herbal yet refreshing and it’s taking a lot of restraint to not spray it all day every day. It’s hydrating, refreshing, and prevents absorption from free-radicals and pollutions indoors and outdoors all day long. The spray is really light and absorbs well without leaving a film, and is packed with vitamins to keeps your skin happy and cared for all day long – even if you used this twice a day from the whole range, you’d see a big improvement in your skin.

As I said before, a lot of anti-pollution products are a lower concentration to save on cost, but this little bottle goes a long long way and is one of the most intensive anti-pollution products you can find on the market; CityLife Booster* does what it says on the bottle, it boosts your skin and provides a whole new level of protection against everything from free radicals to the actual o-zone, it’s one tough working concentrate.

The booster helps fight inflammation, hyper-pigmentation, loss of elasticity, dark spots, and reduced cellular renewal, and although pricey is makes a massive difference to the skin with only two drops a day. I mix this into my serum mostly once a day but twice if I’m out and about, but you can add up to three drops max into foundation, moisturiser, or oil to work into the skin and provide a higher level of protection. As I said, it’s the most expensive product in the range but if you’re using one drop a day, it will really last forever.

Finally we have the CityLife I-Zone Lip and Eye Balm* which at first I wasn’t too hyped about, but after moving house I found my under-eyes to be quite dry and puffy, and the balm did just the trick in smoothing everything out again. Again protecting from pollution, the balm contain retinol to reduce lines and sun damage, avocado oil to protect the delicate skin areas, and vitamin E to boost antioxidants where applied. It’s a thick consistency which when warmed up melts into a lovely oily balm (like the Renaissance cleanser) and is great left on overnight to sink in and do it’s thing, which by morning means smooth bright eyes!

If you couldn’t tell already, I’m a huge fan of the CityLife launch and it’s great to see some new products added to Oskia’s lineup, especially ones that protect all day long and make a huge difference to anti-pollution. Now I’m off to spray some more mist on my pores because who knows how much computer screen dust I’ve absorbed since starting this post…


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