I’m having a real love affair with makeup at the moment, all the products I’m using not only make me feel great but they just rock, you know? There’s no better way to describe it, and on those days where I’m like ‘I need some help in the complexion department’ each and every product is serving top flawless skin – category is, dewy skin realness.

I’ve called this an almost current routine because since photographing, I’ve actually switched a few things out or had new products which I’m yet to photograph, but even that which has been switched is still so noteworthy, and I thought it would be mad not to share in case you or someone else is looking for a similar product in your own routine.

So if you’re looking for glow, coverage, bronze, vegan and cruelty-free, here’s a deeper look inside my makeup bag…

I’ve been flitting between a few bases now I’ve switched to cruelty-free, but the two that got me started have been dreamy minimal and glowing skin staples. Perricone MD’s No Foundation Foundation* is the definition of minimal base, the coverage being just enough to boost the skin but not to do anything dramatic for blemishes (hey, it’s enough to make me want to keep my skin in good shape!) so not the best for blemish prone skin however on those good days of clarity I love using this, especially as it has SPF in it!

For a bit of extra coverage I’ve mixed in Becca Aqua Luminous Foundation which is both cruelty-free and vegan, and my lord it has some dewy glow! As I’ve got combination skin, the dew comes through quickly, but it has that natural sweaty glow, not ‘omg this is way to oily on my already oily-prone areas’ glow which is a good compromise. I’m a mix of the shades Fair and Porcelain, which helps me look a bit more tanned but keeps it natural, which is perfect for keeping my face looking alive when sun deprived.

Something else adding to the dew is Too Faced Hangover Primer*, again CF/V and an amazing boost of hydration – I’ve found I can get quite dry around my cheeks and chin, so this has helped makeup sit better on my face and generally add moisture where needed to keep my face balanced all day long. It’s probably my favourite primer ever, purely because it feels so lightweight and really absorbs into the skin to do it’s job – it’s like a second moisturiser I didn’t know I needed.

My makeup is about 70% liquid these days, and these two pots are just another addition to that – Perricone MD’s No Highlighter Highlighter* and No Eyeshadow Eyeshadow* are easy lazy girl musts if you want low-key makeup with maximum effect. Simply apply 2 dots of product on your cheekbones for highlight and eye lid for eyeshadow, and you’ve made a subtle yet illuminating difference to the skin. The highlight blends in perfectly with all forms of foundation and base, whilst the eyeshadow can be a great ‘your lids but better’ shade on no makeup days or a fab base to add more colour, it’s truly an amazing multi-purpose colour and I wish they did more!

Speaking of colour, I’ve been plying with bronze a little more and been using Too Faced Chocolate Soleil in Medium* as both contour and bronzer recently – I do think with the foundations above it makes the product look more orange but with my current base it’s really allowed the grey undertone to come through and achieve a natural chisel, all whilst warming up my face (which is needed!) Again, love the smell, love the finish, and did I mention it’s cruelty-free and vegan? Just reminding you again…

Jumping on that eye now, and I’m still in love with the Too Faced Natural Matte Palette*; it’s perfect for so many looks and also for travel as you can use it for brows and liner too, and I’m still obsessed with Honey Butter – I never thought orange would be my thing, yet here we are. I like to blend Strapless on the brow bone and blend Honey Butter down and through into the crease, creating a sunset kind of vibe which looks incredible, and is my daily go-to when needing something that pops.

Brows, again, serviced to perfection by Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz and I’ve mentioned it tonnes of times before so I’ll let the hype speak for itself here 😉 Something I’ve not talked too much about is the Ere Perez Waterproof Mascara that I picked up a few weeks ago, and it’s really been something else – the wand applies the minimum amount of product to softly coat the lashes, yet really makes them pop in a naturally dramatic way. Finding a vegan/cruelty-free mascara that’s also waterproof and has a decent formula was pretty tough as a lot of them are only available in America, but this has been such a find and my lashes look just as good as they did with my old fave Maybelline, plus it really stick and holds a curl after a sob sesh watching Ru Paul, so that’s a win all round.

When I’ve been fancying a bit more of a glam look, I like to use the Illamasqua Gel Sculpt* for contour and sometimes down my nose. It looks strong but when applied it blends out into a subtle sculpt, and can even be used to add colour and tan depending on your skin-tone. I’m usually in-between with creamier and powder products depending on my base, but the gel sculpt is fab in the summer months and definitely makes me feel a bit more Kim K, which I’m totally up for.

Finally I’ve got two new loves from W3ll People, a completely green beauty brand that I came across on Cult Beauty, and so far have fallen in love with. A lot of it was sold out when I was browsing, and I think they may be discontinuing it on the site as a lot of it’s on sale *sobs*, but what I did pick up I’m really impressed with – the Nudist Colorbalm in Cherry is marketed as a tinted balm but it’s really quite saturated and has a semi-matte finish which means it sticks put as a stain all day long, even when the gloss has faded. It has a nice fresh scent to it without being overpowering, and is made with lots of natural ingredients so even when you eat wearing it you’re not ingesting any nasties, so it’s an all-round winning red lip that hasn’t left my makeup bag since getting it!

The last thing I’ve added to my routine is the Bio-Correct Concealer, which has fab coverage on blemishes and redness, and the tiniest amount goes a long way; I’ve added a pin head dot to my face and it’s covered my under-eyes, nose and part of my chin, so you’re really getting a lot of product from a small amount! It’s a small tube and in comparison to price it’s expensive, but the ingredients are fab and like I said, you go a long way with a small amount, plus I’d say you could go be a shade either side of the product’s colour and get away with it as it’s very adaptable – finally something that actually is!

Some products in this post may have been sent for review or gifted, and will be marked with a * or c/o. All opinions are mine are not influenced by brands or companies. Please see my full disclaimer for more.

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