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For a long time, people didn’t realise I was vegan, and for even longer I was worried about telling people about my diet change in fear of not being able to eat or them not understanding. During that beginning period, I’d have days where I didn’t eat or would eat very minimal because the food available wasn’t clean enough or didn’t accommodate vegan options, which looking back is absolute madness, but it became a huge fear of mine that I wouldn’t be able to eat anywhere outside my home.

This kind of imbalance isn’t healthy, and over time I learnt to be more vocal about my diet, to make sure I was able to eat food I enjoyed, and more importantly food that was nourishing to my lifestyle. Achieving balance when you’re vegan seems hard at first, one of the most asked questions I’ve had is ‘what do you eat?’, but thinking ahead and being aware of all the produce available around you makes eating a perfectly balanced diet easier than ever!

I thought to show how easy a balanced diet can be minus dairy, meat, and fish can be, I’d do a post I haven’t shared in a long, long time – a What I Eat In A Day! I’ve also included information on other meals I’d have at the time of day to highlight the variety on offer, and get you thinking about how you can balance your diet more.


Today I fancied something a little lighter than my usual porridge and opted for soya and almond yogurt with organic granola and fresh raspberries. The yogurt contains a high source of calcium and vitamins B, 12, and D, whilst also being low in sugars, and this is great at getting my dose of essential vitamins to keep my bones and body going all day and cared for long-term. Raspberries also have huge health benefits, including being a source of fibre and boosting immunity whilst also being a huge help at easing menstrual pain – remember to up your berry dose come your cycle!

My usual breakfast is porridge, and here I really try to pack my oats with as much goodness as I can – there’s hemp milk which is a sustainable milk source and contains high servings of omega 3-6-9, and is naturally creamy which makes porridge sweet and filling. Oats are also a great source of fibre, and to boost protein I mix in some hemp protein powder which keeps me fuller for longer! Add in some almonds and sunflower seeds for essential zinc and vitamin E, and I’ve got my bases covered for the day.


Something I find hard to balance is my time management, but I always make sure to stop around 1-2pm for food to fuel the rest of my day! It’s important to keep yourself going, so I make sure lunch is again packed with protein, good fats, fresh produce, and lots and lots of flavour 😉 Usually it’s a combination of the foods above – hummus and pittas or avocado on toast, rocket salad with tomatoes and pears, and of course some balsamic vinegar! Avocados are great sources of vitamin C, K, and B-6, whilst also providing sources of magnesium, omega-3, and help balance cholesterol due to being a good fat. Hummus is equally as impressive, being a source of iron, folate, phosphorus and B vitamins that are essential for vegans to keep the body working, plus it’s been proven that by eating hummus and avocados you’re more likely to eat and make healthy choices – result! By balancing my plate with carbs, good fats, vegetables, fruits, and salad, I’m getting in part of my 5-a-day whilst also keeping meals fresh and flavoursome!

Afternoon Snack

Around 4-5pm (basically I’ve slowed up on work and need a boost to keep me going until dinner) I get peckish, and fancy something light so I don’t spoil my dinner. My go-to snack is Yushoi Pea Snacks, which are low-calorie at 87 calories per serving and have a range of vegetarian and vegan flavours! As they’re made from green peas, they have a high source of protein and fibre, which keeps your body balanced and able to process food better, plus it keeps you fuller for longer and eating better which contributes to an overall healthier lifestyle – my family have been loving the various flavours, with my mum opting for Mild Green Curry whilst Smoky Salt and Pepper has become one of my go-to snacks. We love to open a sharing bag when it’s movie night and they’re always a delicious healthy treat that still provides balance with great taste, especially when it’s a tense movie!

As well as Yushoi, I like to get in some extra fruit if possible, either some fresh green grapes or a cold-pressed juice with veggies and fruits to boost nutrients in the day and hit my goal of a fully balanced diet with a range of food groups being consumed!


When it comes to dinner, it’s whatever takes my fancy! As I aim to eat well and keep a perfect balance during the day, I like to have a little treat at dinner time now and again whilst still making sure I get in the nutrients I need as a vegan – more protein, more zinc, more iron, and more fresh goodness! It’s usually a mix of kale or fresh greens, quinoa or rice, a vegan sausage or burger (which are always full of proteins), and a variant of carbs from spinach pasta to roast potatoes – because if there’s one thing I love, it’s potatoes. I used to be so restrictive when it came to carbs, but carbs are essential to an all-round balanced and perfectly nutritious diet, and restriction only makes a relationship with food worse, so if you fancy a roast potato or two, enjoy it!

Having a perfectly balanced diet and lifestyle, especially being vegan, may seem scary at first, but when you break it down you can see it’s so easy to get your essential vitamins and minerals, nutritious and balanced meals, and enjoy a healthy snack or two!


This post is in collaboration with Yushoi Snacks, however all love of snacks and opinions are my own!

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