Before 2015, my only understanding of Epsom Salts was from Nicki Minaj’s verse in Britney’s ‘Til The World Ends remix – a great tune, many weekends at house parties spent dancing to this and imagining kick-ass dance routines I could perform, if only I were so flexible. Now I know Epsom Salts are one of the greatest additions to bathtime, and since getting back into baths, I’ve been working on my own perfected concoction of salts, brands and products for the ultimate relaxing soak – be warned, you may feel your muscles relax purely from reading this next section…

I’ve used Westlab mainly and in particular rate their Epsom and Magnesium Flakes. If you can get your hands on plain Magnesium (my favourite ever ever ever), then you will honestly have the best sleep of your life, as they relieve stress, muscle aches, headaches, acne or other skin problems, improve circulation and mineral absorption, and a deeper restorative sleep – if there’s anything I’ll gladly take more of it’s deep, restorative sleep.

I’m a bit of a mixer, I can’t just have one bath product, so usually I opt for lavender as I’m an evening bather (my fave is a rare brand found in TK Maxx, when you find them in stock, hoarder Lauren comes out) but one I’ve been using as alternative is the Hayo’u Bathe-Rite De-Stress Bath Minerals – I find the blend of Himalayan Pink Salt, Lotus Flower and Frankincense quite balancing, Pink Salt itself being quite balancing by levelling PH, lowering stress and eliminating toxins, whilst Frankincense reduces inflammation and Lotus (containing iron, woo!) has many soothing properties, everything you want from a relaxing bath 😉

For something a bit more reviving, Kneipp Cold Season is very ‘OOOH HELLO’ – how is something so fresh so warming at the same time? Magic. If I’m feeling congested or full, even in my brain mush, mixing this in with lavender and magnesium helps be feel alive again, and give me possibly the most cleansed and detoxified sleep ever. If that’s the perfect way to end a stressful day, I don’t know what is.

Now I know some of you either won’t like or have a bath accessible, so as a fab alternative Hayo’u has a shower version of their Bath Minerals, which smells equally as relaxing and restorative – the Frankincense seems stronger in the Shower Minerals but if you’ve had a long day and want something to wash the hours away and get you prepped for sleep, this will help your limbs relax no doubt.

All this awkward-sitting-in-a-chair-trying-to-sollow-the-sun-like-a-cat positioning has got my back all tense, so I think I might sneak off for a well-earnt soak – the only question is, which bath salt do I use?!


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