Hello there again !

As promised here is my second part to the 50 Favourites I posted yesterday !

26. Magazine – I regularly read Cosmo and Glamour, and I have done for yeeeaars. Glamour is, obviously, more glamorous and grown up for my age but I love there range of fashion they provide; it’s very sleek and never fails to satisfy my fashion and beauty desires. Cosmo is just so fun and they really like to give the public a chance to become recognised for their achievements, not forgetting also the fantastic articles about serious issues to make sure women feel empowered. They also have a fab beauty and fashion section which makes my month a little better. Hopefully I’m going to start investing in more mags such as Vogue and Company, then my only outgoings will be magazines haha !

27. Holiday – It has to be Italy or America, I’ve never been more excited for a holiday than these two. I learnt some Italian prior to Rome which I really want to pick up again as it’s such a beautiful language, I felt very clever being able to book tables and order for my family 🙂 America is just one of those cultural phenomenoms that everyone is in awe of; it’s so free, vast and contrasting it’s quite beautiful.

28. Song – arrrrrggghhh !! Okay I can’t pick one favourite so here’s many : One Direction – Kiss You / Best Song Ever / Heart Attack / Generally the second album / and the first / Stole My Heart; Marina and the Diamonds – Fear and Loathing / How To Be A Heartbreaker; Rihanna – Talk That Talk / Pour It Up / Jump; Anything old school and 80’s.

29. Band – One Direction. and there is no doubt in that.

30. Female Singer – Marina Diamandis, followed closely by Rihanna.

31. Male Singer – This was actually really hard to think about and I had to check my iTunes, but I think it would have to be either Justin Timberlake, Jay-z/Kanye West or Macklemore.

32. Job – I’ve only had one paying job so.

33. Item of Clothing – I do have some lovely clothes, but I really love nothing more than coming home or waking up and throwing my comfies on with a hoodie.

34. Exercise – Currently it’s the 30 Day Shred with some Blogilates and Trampolining.

35. Pudding – Even though I’m a chocolate girl – anything chocolate – I do love Mille Filous.

36. Indulgence – Bread, Chocolate, Steak, Spending money.

37. Nail Varnish

Rimmel Lasting Finish 704 Sweet as Sugar, Revlon Neon 150 Fluorescent, Sally Henson Sheer Romance (from French Manicure set)

I love the colours of all three of these, however the neon green is a personal favourite after seeing it on Jessie J during The Voice auditions. I mentioned it to my friend Amelia at college and the next day she’d bought it for me ! Such a great friend. It’s so bright and vibrant it brightens any outfit. I really want the yellow and orange now !

38. Beauty Item (any)

I didn’t want to go into Clarins too much in the previous post as I wanted to talk about these two products here. So far, these products have impressed me the most in making my skin feel and look great. The Super Restorative range is aimed at 50+ skin that is experiencing the m-e-n-o-p-a-u-s-e but it works mainly at balancing the hormones to prevent breakouts and to relax the skin. I’ve used the day, night, serum and intense mask at various times over the years and, wow. It really does help clear up any spots or scabs, it’s super rich and luxurious too. After a proper consultation at Clarins, they suggest you only use the range when it is that time as it loses it effect on the skin and you see no change.

The Lotus Oil (this is my new replacement after the incident haha) is also so brilliant, it smells and feel great on my skin. If you really work it in it helps relax the face and you feel all soft and sleepy for bed. Yays.

39. Time – I think Sixth Form especially the last year, with all my friends and studying subjects I really enjoyed. There were parties and enough free time, and when there was no uni stuff or exams it really was a great time for me.

40. Candle


This was one of the first candles I bought myself last year I think it was, and it smells divine. There’s a nearby village I used to live in when I first moved called Broadway and at Christmas it always smelt lovely and warm, especially in the Cotswold Trading Centre which has so many amazing gifts and Christmas goodies. This scent is Cinnamon and Vanilla and I could literally eat it, it’s lasted me ages and at a cheap £5 from Home Sense I wish I’d bought five.

41. Smell – Cinnamon, Vanilla, Lemon, Raspberry, Citrus

42. Thing That Brings Me Joy – laughing and cuddling babies, reading a good book, a really good TV series, One Direction (you have to allow)

43. Event – My 17th and 18th Birthdays, and the One Direction concert was amazing.

44. Thing To Do When Happy – bake, jump around, make yourself look and feel pretty.

45. Thing To Do When Sad – cuddle and watch youtubers, or listen to music.

46. Thing To Do When Bored – listen to music or exercise. Or see our friends down the road.

47. Shampoo and Conditioner

I may have stocked up on all the hotel samples from Laguna…. but they are seriously amazing. The smell from each is so refreshing I feel so revitalised afterwards. I use the mint shampoo mostly on my roots and alternate conditioners with another but the smell makes me all zingy and yumm 🙂

48. Thing to Cook – probably my chicken stirfry as I have gotten many a good review from it and it’s different every time.

49. Thing About Where I Live – Our friends down the road with the goregous baby girl or the views or the easy links to London, Bristol and Cardiff.

50. What I’m Looking Forward To – the possibilities of a new place, the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary event, One Direction twice next June, Christmas.

So that’s it ! phew !!
Leave a comment below to tell me what your favourites are 🙂

Lots of Love,
Lauren x




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