hellooooo everyone !

just a little post on what i’ve been up to recently, i’ll try to make these regular on my blog to keep you updated with my life (to remind myself haa)



i was travelling to london victoria coach station this past monday and saw some people filming outside a cafe. naturally me and mum presumed it would be ‘Made In Chelsea’ so i just quickly scanned everyone to see who i recognised; and there he was in his suit, BILL NIGHY. i could not believe it ! i screamed really loud in the cab. we got dropped off a minuye later and mum said ‘we have another hour lets go get a pictire’. i naturally went really shy, ‘no i can’t he’s busy, they won’t let me…’ but she forced me to the cafe and i walked to stand by the set, no idea what i was doing there really. the security was trying to stop people filming but mum pointed to the guard and then to me and he came right up in my face and i just squeaked like a small child, “i’m sorry but my mum wanted me to have a photo with bill, but if i cant or he’s busy then i understand.” he then just looked at me with the look security guards have and said, “i’ll ask him.”


oh my. and he did and he said YES AHHHHH. he said hello and put his arm around me and did the peace sign as you’ll see and Dave – the guard – took our picture and i gushed saying how huge a fan i was and he had a very gentlemanly handshake, and he said in his cool voice “thank you” and left. i was soooo happy ! it lifted my whole mood 🙂

me and my friend bill 😉

i had to edit the pic because we were slightly out of focus, i was also wearing my pj top for the journey home, not my best look haha !


it’s also been VERRRY nice and hot here in england and i’ve jumped at the chance to get a base tan before my holiday abroad.

if you follow my instagram or see the pictures at the side, you’ll have seen me in full holiday mode even though i’m only in the garden. it’s meant to be hitting 29 degrees tomorrow lordddyy 😀

morning yog and oats – my fave part of the day.

fruit cocktails i made – frozen berries, lemon, strawberries, cranberry cordial mixed with sugar syrup and sparkling water.

getting ready to sunbathe – is this marbs ?!

life is good 🙂

i hope you are all enjoying your summer and are having a fun, positive day <3

leave me a comment about what you are up to !

love you all,

Lauren x.


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