hey there everyone !


i thought that now i’m dedicating more time to this page, i should really get to know my followers and you me ๐Ÿ™‚ so i have compiled a nice list for you with 50 facts about myself so that we can get to know each other more.


AAAAH here goes…

  1. i’m originally from the west midlands, walsall to be precise, and moved from there when i was seven.
  2. i’ve been to six schools and one college in my lifetime.
  3. i did art, photography, history and RE at A-Level – i dropped history in year 12. I got overall Art B Photography A* RE A History B.
  4. i love tumblr and social networking a little bit too much
  5. i am a massive one direction fan and a proud directioner. i’ve seen the boys twice in birmingham and am seeing them at wembley next june ! i was so close to staying in the same hotel as them this summer in Las Vegas but i miss them by a day :(((( although they are in LA when i’m in Laguna Beach so maybe… i am a narry (niall/harry) fan mainly but i love all the boys and their music.
  6. i’m also a huuuge marina diamandis fan, i love both her albums especially ‘Electra Heart’ and i’ve found it describes me and my work so so well. please have a listen to it.
  7. i don’t drink alcohol often maybe once every 3/4 months and i don’t go out clubbing. i hate the idea of being in pain from heels and feeling horrible the next day, i don’t understand. if i do drink i like to be with friends in a pub chatting or at a house where we can relax, trust me nothing is worse than boys hitting on you drunk and talking rubbish, not worth the time.
  8. my last and only relationship so far was three years ago and lasted technically 4 months (we dont really count the last one)
  9. i enjoy being weird and people being weird with me.
  10. i would rather buy lots of sale/cheap items than one big expensive purchase.
  11. apart from salad, stir-fry and burgers i rarely mix my food. i eat each section separately.
  12. my favourite tv programmes are doctor who (up to david tennant’s regeneration) and sherlock. other than that i don’t watch a lot of tv.
  13. i don’t go to the cinema because it’s way too expensive and takes up a chunk of the day depending when you go. i’d rather pay a ยฃ1 to rent it from my library or buy it at CEX.
  14. i get bored with my hair easily and always want to chop and dye it. from 2009 – Sept 2010 i was XXL Live bleach blonde and my hair was yellow (not pretty), then i dyed it red/brown until march 2011 when i started having it highlighted back to blonde (it went strawberry blonde first hmm). i stopped bleaching my hair june 2012 and let it grow but the roots got to an awkward length so last october i put a brown tint on my hair and let it grow before cutting it short also. then i just got bored again and preferred my ‘damaged’ look so i had all my hair highlighted before dying it pink and then bleaching the ends white blonde this summer for a dip dye look. pfhew.
  15. i always wear lipstick and prefer having my nails painted to not. i love what colour can do to your mood.
  16. summer is my favourite season however i love the holiday feel of christmas and family in winter.
  17. i am an aries so i can be quite bossy and want to lead everyone.
  18. my first concert was van morrison but i left early. my first full concert was busted.
  19. my first festival was 2000 trees.
  20. i have green/blue/grey eyes
  21. i have a younger half-sister called Grace who is 10.
  22. in the past year i have become way more interested in my healthy eating and lifestyle and if bored i will exercise as i may aswell do something ๐Ÿ™‚
  23. however i love food, good food not mcdonalds and crap.
  24. i once fell down the concrete steps outside my first home whilst chasing the Queen’s car down the road when she came to open the local art gallery.
  25. my favourite food (currently) is spinach, quinoa and chickpeas. i also love yeo valley no fat natural yog with oats, strawberries and blueberries.
  26. i love to make juices and smoothies and prefer this to most ‘normal food’ except salad and quinoa that stuff is too goooooooood.
  27. when i was younger i used to rub peoples ears to indicate i was tired.
  28. one of the first songs my dad danced with me to was Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Badlands’.
  29. rings are my favourite jewellery.
  30. my favourite shops are topshop, urban outfitters and H&M.
  31. i’m 5’3″ about
  32. my idols are marina diamandis, rihanna and beyonce. i quite like how little mix and eleanor calder dress too.
  33. i prefer to have a few select close friends forever than a large group of ‘mates’.
  34. i can eat lemons like no tomorrow.
  35. i don’t like to try anything new at a restaurant that i haven’t at home because i don’t like paying for something i don’t enjoy the taste of and wasting the food.
  36. i once dyed my hair black to be like bella swan and it did nothing for my complexion.
  37. one of the best birthday presents i’ve recieved was a book that my friends wrote lovely messages in for my 18th.
  38. italy is one of my favourite places i’ve been.
  39. my parents had me at 26 so that’s the age i want to be having kids at, married or not but with the one i want to be with.
  40. i can be quite shy but recently i have been trying to just talk to people so that i can meet new people and have new experiences instead of shutting others off.
  41. the most played songs on my itunes are 1. Gotta Be You Remix – One Direction 2. Radioactive – Marina and the Diamonds 3. Fear and Loathing – Marina and the Diamonds 4. Another World – One Direction 5. N****s in Paris – Jay-Z and Kanye West ย — ย however i think my phone would disagree.
  42. the furthest north i’ve been in the UK is Durham, South would be Brighton and Bodelva in Cornwall, East is Norfolk and West is Snowdon in Wales.
  43. when i was 11-12 my dream was to play Rose Tyler’s sister and travel with David Tennant’s Doctor in the TARDIS.
  44. if i don’t eat before or when i get ravenously hungry, you do not want to be around me.
  45. i was overfed bananas as a child and it’s taken me until now to even introduce them into my food, but i cannot eat a banana on its own ew.
  46. i dislike it when people judge others and make comments about body weight. comments can seriously affect others so think before you act.
  47. i found it hard to sleep alone when i was younger as i thought people were outside my window.
  48. my favourite toy as a child was my ‘little bear’ which i sadly lost on a plane ๐Ÿ™
  49. i don’t really like seafood apart from salmon in small amounts, however i would like to try it more.
  50. my favourite colours are purples and blues !!

and that’s it !!

wow, that was harder than i thought. hope you all enjoy, and have a lovely day <3

love you,

Lauren x






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