Good morning everyone !

For my last term at college, I am asked to complete a self-directed FMP (final major project). At the moment I am busy with coursework projects but I am so excited by being able to dictate my own ideas for photoshoots that I have already come up with an idea.

You are probably wondering ‘why is she SO eager ?!’, so this is what I am going to explain in this post.

Within a lot of my work, I enjoy exploring characters and expression whilst also displaying personal issues – be it emotional, physical etc. I have always felt that being with certain people or staying in a group for too long has not allowed me to expand the person I want to be fully and find it too late to change who I am without them judging me for it. I have also had to deal with things said that have affected who I am and have battled against and with.

These issues have led to the development of ‘THE ALTER-EGO COMPLEX’; the journey and documentation of me creating a persona of who I want to be and also the opposite of how myself and others see me now.

I am hoping to over-haul my image, both body and appearance, to finally create the person I want to be and to document it within my photography and post it here, on tumblr and my website for you to witness and enjoy.

I will post about the activities I endure during this change from now until the project begins and during the project itself. I am hoping that you can enjoy the journey I am about to embark on and I’ll see you on the other side !


Lauren x

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