Afternoon Everyone !

Today I arrived home from a lovely trip to Brighton where I was a) visiting the uni and b) FINALLY getting to see the town so many people have told me is ‘your scene’ and wow is it my scene.

Obviously smaller and not as ‘go’ as London, Brighton still has an energetic atmosphere that is brilliant for any artist or art student – particularly for photography as there are so many back alleys, street corners and monuments to capture.

I was sad not to have enough time to explore the city more due to interviews and the time I got there and left but from what I saw I would definitely visit again; the architecture is so eclectic and a mix of London, Bath, Birmingham, Paris and Madrid and it really works.

Luckily I managed to snap a few quick photos on my phone to share with you during my time there:

Coffee at Taylor Street Baristars – upon research they are a chain but only a few around the country. The cafe is small and quaint with wooden benches and chairs and a small garden. They have a large gluten free menu, plus a wide range of teas including rose which my mum enjoyed.

Carrot Cake – now I’m not a fan of many puddings that don’t include chocolate but I’m going through a phase of trying everything at the moment so I thought ooh lets sneak some of this. And I’m so glad I did; this cake is the best carrot cake that could exist ever, the frosting is light yet creamy and rich, and the sponge is fruity and full of flavour it’s divine i thoroughly recommend.

Caramel Latte – I’m only just getting into my coffee, and this coffee has really made my mocha transition easy. It was so light and smooth, the caramel to me didn’t taste over-powering but it was sweet enough to take the edge off the coffee and still gave me some much needed energy. I was also SO impressed with the latte art, it lasted me until the end of my coffee !! (see below) It turn out that in Brighton a lot of the places use just glasses for their coffee and no handle (which where I live doesn’t exist) and it was to me very cute and quirky.

Morning View, Marine Parade.

Lunch at Western Front – go here. go here whenever or if ever you are in Brighton. My GOD this was a burger to rival all the others I’ve had. I like places that look like they’ll serve really good filling grub and this place didn’t disappoint. I will say that it was loud in their from the music but granted it is a pub first and foremost and I didn’t really mind but when my mum tried to have a conversation with me (whilst ill) she found it hard. Still, I had the chicken and chorizo burger (chorizo another new thing I’ve tried) and mum had the sausage sandwich and I believe that everything is made fresh and you can taste it ! I love it when you can tell everything is fresh and made the day or time of order. It was so succulent and full of flavour, plus the chips where great – crunchy and fluffy mmmmm my fave ! I was well and truly stuffed.

I did a bit of shopping also, which I’ll post another time as I’m going off shopping again soon so I may as well put it all together 🙂

I’ve also recently finished editing my pictures of London so they will be updated here and my website too !!

Have a lovely day, 


Lauren x

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